6 Advantages of Pursuing a PMP Certification

Project managers are high in demand, and employers are prepared to pay any amount to recruit a potential project manager. The PMP certification, which is widely recognized, proves that you have the abilities and expertise necessary to manage projects. According to PMI statistics, a certified PMP is eligible for a 20% pay raise. Enrolling in a Project Management Professional (PMP) training and earning the certification might provide you a competitive edge over other job applicants in today’s fast-paced corporate environment. The certification procedure is challenging and calls for serious study and experience. 

The PMP certification can lead to new employment options making the hefty expense justifiable. In that way, professionals and employers can both benefit from a PMP certification training.

This article will take the readers through the main advantages of going for PMP training and earning the PMP certification in a more detailed manner.

Here are the 6 advantages of earning the PMP Certification

  1. Increases the Resume’s Worth

The PMP certification can help you throughout your career. Enrolling in PMP certification training is the best way to earn this certification. It is recognized by those conducting interviews to fill project management positions. The result is that they favor profiles with PMP certification over those without it. 

Jobs in project management are in high demand. Thus, many wish to build a career in this field. The organization spends a lot of time and resources interviewing and evaluating each applicant. As a result, they prefer to eliminate as many candidates before the project management interview process. The PMP certification training comes in handy in this situation because it is one of the most impartial ways to narrow down the contenders.

  1. Provides Industry Recognition

The PMP training in Dubai is widely accepted. Several certification programs focus on a particular industry or region. On the other hand, PMP is a highly valued credential that collaborates with various sectors. You can benefit from adding the qualification to your CV regardless of your professional background or field.

According to data, as the number of certified project managers increases, so does a company’s success rate. Furthermore, businesses recognize that credentialed managers complete projects on time and within budget.

  1. Aids to Learn Critical Abilities

In the employment market, there are a lot of project managers. To stay updated and being certified turn the odds in your favour. Most importantly, by enrolling in PMP certification training, you can acquire the knowledge and skill sets needed to succeed in the workplace.

The PMP certification in Dubai has strict requirements. As a result, passing this exam is challenging. One must learn different hard and soft skills to ace the PMP credential. It increases knowledge of the essential tools, techniques, and approaches used in project management. Additionally, it exposes you to modern project management trends and best practices. Project management tasks can teach you new tips and tactics as well.

  1. Contributes to Higher Income

The primary attraction of enrolling in PMP certification training and earning the certification is the potential increase in project managers’ pay. The salary for certified project managers is significantly greater than the industry average.

According to a report, certified project managers earn approximately 20% more than non-certified project managers. The UAE and Saudi Arabia are two Middle Eastern countries where this practice is prevalent. Women with PMP certifications earn significantly more than female professionals in other fields.

Completing the PMP certification training increases your work security in addition to your salary. Some businesses place significance on the fundamental skills acquired through certification during downtime. So, having a PMP credential makes it easier to fight off a prospective layoff than not having one.

  1. Provides Opportunity for Networking

Around 773,840 people worldwide presently hold active PMP certifications, according to PMI. You join that group when you sign up to be a PMI member. At different locations, PMI frequently organizes gatherings for its members. Also, these gatherings assist members in obtaining PDUs. 

Such networking events have several advantages. One can learn about any fresh career prospects at these gatherings from others holding this credential. PMPs can also communicate with one another through different offline and online communities. These groups support the development of professional networks. Also, having this certification enables one to mentor other PMP hopefuls.

  1. Demonstrates your Commitment to the Task

Before You receive the PMP certification, you need to fulfill several requirements. As previously noted, you must have 60 months of experience to be eligible if you are an associate. A bachelor’s degree holder is required, or else 36 months of job experience. 

The PMP certification has strict requirements. A prospective employer knows that clearing the exam requires a commitment to the job. It shows the commitment to pursuing project management as a long-term profession.


In conclusion, many aspirants might consider obtaining a PMP certification costly, time-consuming, and challenging. But all the expenses and challenges are worthwhile because many hiring managers regard PMP certification as a standard qualification that strengthens your resume. Hence, enrolling in PMP certification training in Dubai and earning the certification helps you build essential skills to excel in your career.

Athena Estudy

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