Amazon Warehouse Blue Badge Conversion Process Question?

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I have been working at amazon for 2 months and three weeks. I have heard that alot of people can get a blue badge at amazon fulfillment center warehouse but they have to go through a conversion process and not everyone will qualify. They did not tell me how many hours a person would need in order to convert to a blue badge. And none of the people in charge including trainers, coaches, managers, or anything like that told me how many hours I would need as a picker to be “eligible” to convert to a blue badge. It is possible that alot of the people who work at amazon who are just “regular” full time workers are told and or asked not to tell anyone about that or maybe they discourage them to talk about how many hours are required in order to convert to a blue badge. It is a well known fact, however, that things like attendance, how well you perform and follow the rules and policies are important and are taken into account. I am totally confused as to where I stand and if anyone in Amazon wants me to convert to a blue badge. Let me explain. I have a manager who I basically see half of the time I work there. THe other half of the time I have no idea where he is. I was told that if i am eligible to convert to a blue badge, my manager will inform me. I suppose he would most likely tell me in person which would be the most appropriate way. Of course I could receive a phone call or email. But neither of them have I received. Also i do know that no matter how good one performs and how one follows the rules, if the company does not need you or is in need of a person in a certain department a person may not be able to convert to a blue badge. In the mornings I go to a certain part of the warehouse where about approximately 30-50 something people are. THe people who work in the picking department on the “EAST” side gather around. Not everyone who gathers there is a “picker” like I am. But they have different positions like stower, etc, etc but it is in the same section as the picking department or i should say the section where pickers also work. again there are two sections west and east side. Now, there is a woman who speaks about almost half the time and i know she is hired by amazon. IT is a regular common thing for her to speak to the group of people. She usually typically tells us if we have reached our goals as a whole for the previous day and how we did overall throughout the week and if mandatary overtime is necessary or not. Also, if there are any problems to be addressed like people not looking where they are going and so forth she will address that. But the thing is she is not the only one to speak to all of the group of the east side in the picking area. There are two other guys. And it seems the company gives them equal time meaning one week the woman talks the other week the guy talks and so forth. I was one of the few new people hired in the department on the east side. There are several new people. Now what she said totally confused me. She tells the group of people, this, “If any of you new hirees would like to convert to a blue badge, you can or your welcome to.” Now this doesnt mean that it is a guarantee but what this means possibly is that the new hirees are eligible to convert. Now, whether they will get a blue badge is up to the company. But i just recently found out that, its up to the manager to decide whether or not he wants to convert us to a blue badge or not. Another words, its not up to us to convert to a blue badge. But just recently our trainer tells us that after a certain amount of hours we can convert to a blue badge. DOesnt this trainer guy make it sound like we can try and apply or try to get one once we receive a certain amount of hours. But then i was recently told by a number of people that i wouldnt have to apply or do anything. My manager would be the one to inform me and ask me if i would like to convert to a blue badge or he would automatically convert me to a blue badge and then it would be up to me of course if i want to continue working there or not. What the trainer should have said to us new hirees, is If the manager tells you you are eligible to receive a blue badge he will let you know and then you can go through the blue badge conversion process. But what is strange is im sure someone could say to me well when the woman said to all new hirees that any of you new hirees can convert to a blue badge, she was of course referring to any hirees that have attained the certain amount of hours required.

Most of the people hired on for peak are let go after. Yes, they make it sound like we could get converted then boom, they are walking you out the door. Hapƿє-ṅєd to me last year despite perfect attendance and rate. It’s really up to what the building needs.

I was later re-hired then converted. At first they said it would be 90 days before we could get converted, then they changed it to 30 days because the building was expanding and they needed more permanent blue badges.

First, speak to whoever the staffing agency is, ask for their manager and see if you can find out if/when conversion will be and whst you can make sure to be a part of that. If that doesn’t go anywhere, go directly to HR and ask, they are the ones that set up conversion dates then ask the agency to provide candidates.

Typically, the conversion process freezes just before peak, then they do one in January based on building need. Considering how long you have been there, you’ll most likely be converted the next time they need more blue badges, but it may not be until January.

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you have to be in the company for at least 3 months at the time of a conversion. You have to be in good standing with the company, and no more then 4 points against you, and if you have only been with company for 3 months this should be no problem. Also what puts you in the lead to get hired as blue would also be things like do you leave all the time, do you meet standards, or are you one of those people that stand around. They also look at things like if you are willing to learn new things. But in the most part its if you’re there on the days you have to be and if you do your job.

I’ve been involved with several different Amazon FC’s and they have all been staffed by the same agency, and at all locations they have required that you work a minimum of 320 hours before you are eligible for conversion to become an Amazon employee.

Hope this helps!

I need blue badge conversion

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amazon uk .we just submit our conversion to blue bag end of last month jan 2016 but still waiting for conversion to blue bag

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I hard time find apply for conversion amazon? thank you

How do I apply for conversion to blue badge.


HI.What link do i have to click on to start the convesion application?


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Amazon Warehouse Blue Badge Conversion Process Question?

Have you ever wondered how Amazon’s Warehouse Blue Badge conversion process works? In this article, we will answer all of your questions about the process and how to qualify for a blue badge. Qualifying for a blue badge is important, as it can help you get faster and easier access to the products in Amazon’s warehouses.

What is Amazon Warehouse Blue Badge?

Amazon warehouse blue badge is a certification program that allows employers in the United States to take advantage of the lower labor costs and faster delivery times that are available through Amazon. The program was created in 1998, and currently has over 1.5 million participants.

To qualify for an Amazon warehouse blue badge, employers must meet certain requirements, including having at least 25 workers who are eligible to receive benefits from the federal government’s employer-sponsored health insurance program. In addition, employees must be paid at least $11 an hour, which is higher than the minimum wage in most states.

Employers can apply for an Amazon warehouse blue badge by completing a self-assessment questionnaire and submitting it to Amazon. The application process can take up to six weeks, but Amazon typically approves applications within two weeks. Once an employer has been approved, it will be given access to a set of resources, including training modules and online tutorials.

The benefits of being certified as an Amazon warehouse blue badge holder include:

• Lower labor costs: As a certified employer, your workers will be able to take advantage of the lower labor costs and faster delivery times that are available through Amazon.

• Reduced paperwork: As

What are the requirements to convert an Amazon Warehouse Blue Badge?

In order to convert your Amazon Warehouse Blue Badge, you must first be a qualified associate. Qualified associates can be anyone in an Amazon Warehouse who has completed a training program and passed a job readiness test. After being qualified, you must pass a criminal background check and complete an online application. You will then be notified of the next steps in the process.

The requirements for conversion differ based on if you are converting from an associate to manager or manager to supervisor. If you are converting from an associate to manager, you must have at least two years of experience as an associate and pass a skills assessment. If you are converting from manager to supervisor, you must have five years of experience as a manager and pass a skills assessment.

How long will it take to convert my Amazon Warehouse Blue Badge?

The Amazon Warehouse Blue Badge conversion process will take around four to six weeks.

What are the benefits of converting my Amazon Warehouse Blue Badge?

There are a number of reasons to convert an Amazon Warehouse Blue Badge. The benefits can include:

-Access to additional discounts and deals from and its affiliated websites.
– Increased productivity as you work in a organized and clean workspace.
– Increased morale as you feel part of a team and contribute to the success of the company.
– Enhanced safety as you are supervised by trained personnel.
– More opportunities for career growth with increased skillset development.

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