Anyone know blues artist/track with following lyrics: “I said Mama, bring me my walking cane. I m leaving on that midnight train.”?

A dog should not ever be allowed out off lead until they have covered the basics. Collars etc are only props that are not needed if you do the basic obedience training, and should never replace basic training.
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There is no better way than enrolling at a good dog school where people can show you just how its done, especially if you are first time dog owner, its way better than trying to teach by yourself and getting it wrong. (its like trying to learn kung fu or yoga out of a book – you cant be sure you are doing it properly without help from a mentor who can demonstrate the correct techniques for best effect) Then you have to be consistent and practice every day. Your dog risks being hit by a car, casing accident etc and simply should not be let out like that until you have trained it properly. The dog needs to learn using a set system so it understands what you want. Dogs do not understand english (or any other human language). Its not really fair on the dog if you dont put the time in. And training using positive reinforcement is better than those collars which work on negative reinforcement / fear. Collars should only be used under expert advice where all regular training methods have failed. Oh, and dog should be behind fence and closed gates.
Also you will really enjoy dog classes and will find you form a strong bond of friendship with your dog as the lessons progress, and your dog learns to look to you for instruction, which is a lovely feeling of accomplishment!) Good luck. (PS a good reason to go to class not train at home, apart from this being your first time doing it, is that way you and dog learn around other dogs / distractions, whereas if you train at home you still have to teach dog to obey you in public where dog might act differently. At dog class you do exercises meeting and greeting other dogs, weaving around them, etc that you cannot do by yourself at home, and that makes your dog great in any situation.)

Sounds like Howlin Wolf covering it. Hand Me My Walking Cane.

From episode 5 of “The Fall” version:
Blind Ian Paisley III.

That’s “Hand me down my walking cane”. It’s #11,733 in the Roud Folk Song Index, so I thought it might a traitional song with its origins lost in the mists of time; but, it seems that it was written in 1880 by James A. Bland
This is the only blues version I can find – Junior Wells & Pistol Pete. It’s on a DVD called Chicago Blues Jam Disk 5,
Here, for fun, are a few other recordings, in a variety of styles:
Gid Tanner & His Skillet Lickers ft Riley Puckett (country)
Cleoma Breaux (cajun)
Kelly Harrell (mountain)
Karl Radlach and his Orchestra (1920s jazz)
Josh Graves (bluegrass)
Joe Bussard And Oscar Myers (country)
Norman Blake (country)
Jerry Lee Lewis (rock’n’roll)

I m looking for the version that was played on Netflix s “The Fall,” season 2, episode 5 titled “The Perilous Edge of Battle.”

Answer 6

It’s a traditional song, called, “Hand me down my walking cane.” attributed to James Bland, the so called, “spiritual heir”, to Stephen Foster
Porter wagoner?…
Jerry Lee Lewis

Source(s): Google.

Answer 7

Magic Slim & The Teardrops version



Athena Estudy

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