change compression ratio of zipped files/make files smaller

When it comes to zipped files, the compression ratio plays a crucial role in determining the size of the file. A higher compression ratio means a smaller file size, while a lower compression ratio means a larger file size. If you are looking to make your zipped files smaller, there are a few things you can do to change the compression ratio.

Here are some tips on how to change the compression ratio of zipped files on Windows:

1. Use a compression tool: Windows comes with a built-in compression tool called File Explorer. However, it may not always provide the best compression ratio. You can use third-party compression tools like WinZip, 7-Zip, or WinRAR to get better compression ratios.

2. Choose the right compression format: Different compression formats have different compression ratios. For example, the ZIP format is a common format that provides a good balance between compression ratio and compatibility. However, if you want a higher compression ratio, you can use formats like RAR or 7z.

3. Adjust the compression settings: Most compression tools allow you to adjust the compression settings to get the desired compression ratio. For example, you can adjust the compression level, dictionary size, or block size to get a higher compression ratio.

4. Remove unnecessary files: Before compressing your files, make sure to remove any unnecessary files or folders. This will not only reduce the size of the files but also improve the compression ratio.

5. Split large files: If you have large files that cannot be compressed to a small size, you can split them into smaller files. This will not only make them easier to transfer but also improve the compression ratio.

In conclusion, changing the compression ratio of zipped files can help you make your files smaller and easier to transfer. By using the right compression tool, format, and settings, you can achieve the desired compression ratio and reduce the size of your files.


In conclusion, changing the compression ratio of zipped files is a simple yet effective way to make your files smaller and more manageable. By following the tips mentioned above, you can easily adjust the compression settings and choose the right format to achieve the desired compression ratio. So, go ahead and try these tips to make your zipped files smaller and more efficient.

Athena Estudy

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