How Art Thou- English?

Can anyone please explain the exact meaning of “How art thou?”. please dont give any links.

That’s Early Modern English for “How are you?”

How Art Thou Meaning

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How art thou? This is a form Shakespearean English. This means How are you in plain english. You will find similar words like thee, thy, thine etc which mean you, your etc. Most famous words of this type is seen in Julius Caesar when he says to Brutus, “this is the most unkindest cut of all”- (this is a double superlative which is not in use in contemporary english.

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Answer 6

How art thou stands for “how are you?”
art= are
u may also come across thy = your

Answer 7

Srikanth, this is a sentence picked from Romeo Juliet.
the complete sentence is ‘How art thou Romeo’
and the question “‘How art thou ” means:
“what makes himself?”
please correct me if I am wrong

It means—how are you??
in shakespearen language atr means are and thou means you….

It is just the normal greeting phrase ‘How are you? – Pepman

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