How do you say “No Gods – No Masters” in Latin?

This isn’t homework, I’m just not definite on the grammar. I just want it to be right, so please, don’t just plug it into a translator and post. I’ve already done that and all of the answers were different. Any help would be appreciated!

Nulli dei, nulli domini.

Source(s): Majored in Latin.

I would advise going to a professional translator, such as Classical Turns ( I asked them for this translation and they said that “nulli” should naturally precede nouns since it modifies quantity, and “di” is the most classical form of the plural, so “nulli di, nulli domini” would be the most appropriate translation. I would have thought that, if you want chiasmus, “nulli di, domini nulli” would be desirable, not the reverse.

dei nulli nulli domini

Standard word order would be nulli dei nulli domini; the above is to create a chiastic structure, in this case to emphasise gods and masters and their similarity/equality. The natural assumption when reading it would be something like si dei nulli sunt, sunt nulli domini, meaning ‘If there are no gods, there are no masters.’

Source(s): Classicist

Athena Estudy

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