How many beers does a 24 ounce Strawberita equal?

Beers meaning (1) 12 ounce bud light at 4.2% alcohol.

Edit: To everyone that answered after me and claims they are correct (Lee).. You obviously misunderstood the question. The question is asking how many beers would need to be consumed to equal the ALCOHOL in 24 ounces of strawberita. I’m sure the asker knows that two beers is 24 ounces….. You need to calculate how much alcohol is in each beer as they have different ABV, which I have done below, and then calculate how much is in the strawberita. Next all you have to do is divide the amount of alcohol in the 24 oz strawberita by the amount of alcohol in one 12oz beer. The answer? Just under four beers @ 4.2% abv would get you as drunk as a 24 oz strawberita @ 8% abv.
PS: ABV = Alcohol by volume, in %
It is not “all in the ounces” it is in the ABV of the drink in question.
Now, for ѕнι s and giggles, this is how many beers EXACTLY you would need: 3.80952381
Just under 4 beers.. The math is easy to do.
One 12 oz bud light has 0.504 oz of ethanol. 48 oz (4 beer) has 2.016 oz ethanol
24 oz stawberita @ 8% is 1.92 oz ethanol

2 x 12 + 24

3 beers

it’s 2 beers with a higher alcohol content. Some beer is 9% alcohol and its 12 ounces. The alcohol has nothing to do with the amount of beer, it’s all in the ounces


Answer 6


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