I saw Jessica Alba’s buttcrack?

I was at a fancy resturaunt in new york city with my older sister (shes 16 and im 15) and my parents. I saw Jessica Alba like a few tables away from me. And YES, it was Jessica Alba. I heard the waitress saying “Are you jessica alba?” and she said yes and the waitress was like oh your my favorite actor and stuff. She was with some other people, and I saw that her buttcrack was showing when she was sitting. Why would a celebrity do that, i mean somebody can easliy take a picture and post it on the internet and she’ll get embarrassed. I mean she didn’t even pull up her jeans. Then when they were done eating she hugged some guy and then she dropped something i think it was a bag, and she picked it up and her buttcrack was showing even more! Is she trying to ask for it?

Jessica Alba Butt Crack

? She’s appeared ɴuᴅε in movies.
I don’t think a photo of a buttcrack is going to bother her.

Answer 6

I doubt she would care much….see source….

well I don’t know if you know this but she has a STD from Derek Jeter the basball player for the yankees

Um, Sasha, they ARE human, just like us normal beings, so these things accidently happent to them too.

i think if you provide a picture, that would help me give a good answer (A)

Answer 6

I doubt she would care much….see source….

Athena Estudy

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