Is it true everyone in Denmark has small tables?

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What do the Danish have against large tables?

You are mistaking Denmark for the entirety of Asia.

My parent’s dining table fits 10 people

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It is a small country so they don’t have the room to spare for large tables.

That was just a joke on Family Guy. Their tables aren’t any smaller than they are in any other European country.

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We have a table that fits 12.

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I guess so, they smoke so much Marijuana over there that everything seems small including their brain.

Looks like it okay?



I saw that family guy episode too

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Is it true everyone in Denmark has small tables?

Denmark is known for their small and quaint villages, but what about their tables? Turns out, Denmark is one of the few countries in the world where nearly everyone has tables that are smaller than a traditional dining table. According to The Telegraph, this custom began in the 1700s as a way to save on furniture and maximize available space. Why did Denmark go ahead with this seemingly unusual tradition?

What is the Danish Table?

The Danish table is a small round dining table with no chairs. It is often found in public areas such as parks and squares. The table is often used for picnics and small gatherings.

Why Is the Danish Table Popular?

The Danish table is a favorite in many homes across the world because of its unique design and functionality. The small size and compact design makes it perfect for smaller spaces, while the multiple uses make it an ideal choice for a variety of needs.

Some of the main benefits of owning a Danish table include its versatility and convenience. The small size means that it can easily fit into smaller spaces, making it an ideal choice for apartments, condos and other tight spaces. Additionally, the table can be used for both dining and living space, making it a versatile option for both home and office use.

The Danish table is also popular for its ease of use. The small size makes it easy to maneuver around, making it an ideal option for people with disabilities or those who have trouble bending down. Additionally, the table has multiple uses which means that there is always something to do with it. Whether you are looking to use it as a dining table or as a working space, the Danish table has you covered.

What Does a Danish Table Look Like?

When most people think of Danish tables, they likely imagine small, compact affairs with few surface area. In fact, the average Danish table has nearly twice as much surface area as the average American table! This is because a Danish table is typically used for eating dinner or lunch with friends, and guests are expected to share food and drinks. As a result, Danish tables are often quite crowded, making it easy to interact and get to know one another.

Another characteristic of Danish tables is their simple design. Most tables are made from wood or metal and have no decorations other than some basic chair railings. This lack of decoration allows each table to stand out individually and make it easy for guests to find their seats.

Overall, Danish tables are well-liked for their simplicity, spaciousness, and ease of use. They’re perfect for gatherings of friends or family members who want to eat together in an informal setting.

How to Make a Danish Table at Home

Yes, it’s true! Everyone in Denmark has small tables.

Making a Danish table at home is easy – just follow these simple steps:

1. Start by tracing the outline of a table onto some cardboard or a piece of paper. Make sure to keep the proportions of the table in mind as you do this.

2. Once you have your outline, cut out the shape and then start attaching the pieces together with wood screws or nails. It’s important to use a contrasting colour for the trim around the edge of your table so that it looks visually pleasing when finished.

3. Once all the pieces are attached, sand down the edges and then paint your table white or a light color to create a traditional Danish look. Finally, add some fake flowers or leaves to finish off your table!


Yes, it is true that everyone in Denmark has small tables. In fact, they’re so small that they barely qualify as tables at all. Instead, they’re more like small sideboards or coffee tables. This unique table design is said to be a result of Denmark’s history as a land of peasants and farmers. According to legend, the Danish farmers were so poor that they couldn’t afford to buy large tables and chairs. So instead, they decided to use smaller pieces of furniture to make one big table. Since then, this small table design has become popular throughout the country.

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