Office Depot Assessment Test?

Yesterday I went to Office Depot and talked to the manager about employment and I did the assessment test which was about 123 questions or so. He then said that it would take about 24 hours to get the results. What should I be expecting next?

I hate to say it, but they get the results immediately. We used to tell people that it took a while to get the results when they failed the test….or if we just didn’t have the time right then for an interview (which, as understaffed as we were, was a lot).

The test gives results based on the performance of other participants nation wide…which means if 95% of the people lied on every question of the test and you were honest…you won’t make it. You have to perform better than 50% of the people who take the test…not get a certain percentage “right”.

Source(s): I was a manager at Office Depot and worked there 10 years.

Office Depot Careers Application

@Norman hey i applied to office depot and a manager there called me to come in for an assessment what i should i be looking forward to question wise and what type of questions do they ask if you pass the assessment and get an interview immediately

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the manager will come back and talk the future employee

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