Sitting at a four legged table there is 1 grandma 2 moms 2 daughters and a gr?and daughter. How many legs are under the table?

4 legs are the table legs. The grandma and grand-daughter have two each, so that’s 8, so far.  If there are 2 moms who are sisters, then they are both daughters of the grandma, so it would read three moms.  So the two moms are the grandma, and her daughter, while the youngest is a daughter and grandma. Therefore there are 10 legs under the table.

Who knows the real answer. Please tell and explain

Unfortunately, the question is wrong. There must be 1 grandmother, 2 mothers, 3 daughters, and 3 granddaughters.


granddaughter and daughter someone’s be to got has woman every
v plus v numeral roman is answer correct

There are 22 legs at the table

whats a gr? well I dont understand what that is so excluding whatever a gr is there are ten assuming all have two limbs in tact or dont have any extra.

Answer 6

I would have been the wise-guy to say tell
ya as many as your dag-on table could hold
but then again that’s not much a joke, is it?


Answer 7

Mothers(x2)- 4
Daughters (x)=4

Total: 14

If you include the table legs than 18.

1 grandmother = 1 mother 
grandmothers daughter = 1 mother and 1 daughter 
grand daughter = 1 daughter 

answer : 6 legs

none as they are all facing outwards

Athena Estudy

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