Walmart CBL test?

How many times can you take the CBL test for walmart? What happens if you fail it, does that mean you get fired?

You can continue taking the tests until you pass.. they are indeed a learning exercise however a few like alcohol, forklift and others must have a 100% to pass…. There is no coaching for not passing a test right away .. as long as you eventually do pass it before it becomes late…(Yes they expire). then the Management is possibly coached and you may be also after that.. but you will have no problems passing them eventually as you figure out the answers, infact some write them down and refer to them as they are asked later.. so you dont fail…. If you dont take them or keep up with them you could then go into coaching depending on the dicipline of the store… Also keep your answers for the future because some of them that require 100% come around every year.. Good luck…

Source(s): Im a support manager… with them for over 12 years..


It is a learning exercise…..

You don’t get fired….

You take it again until you learn something which means you pass showing that you learned something.

If you have trouble with some of the answers, ask you HR Manager. They are there to help you learn and succeed at being a part of the team! Your Department Manager can also help explain things so that you are prepared to learn more.


(p.s. My wife works for WM and sat here explaining this for me. I just shop there! lol)

Wal mart has several CBL tests. Each department has several, actually, and new ones pop up all the time.. I always passed mine right away. Don’t stress to much, they are all pretty basic and common sense stuff.

What Does Cbl Stand For

Answer 6

can walmart terminate ur employment if you dont pass a few of them? how long do have to take them, is it over a period of months?

Answer 7

How many cbls are there for the electronics department

how could you possibly fail one of those?



wal-mart equals eviel, pray u get fired

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