What does “bonnie star” mean from the song ‘The Scottsman’s Song’?

It is in a song that I love ( fourth stanza – http://www. allerdice. net/scotsman-song. html) and It’s pretty obvious what they are talking about when they say “bonnie star” but I can’t find any reference on the internet to that phrase as a scottish term or slang. Can anyone help clear up the exact meaning or usage? Thanks

Never heard it used as a slang term in this country [Scotland] – must be a recently invented one

Source(s): I’m Scottish

Bonnie Definition

It’s not slang. Bonnie is the Scots word for beautiful, pretty, or such. It could also refer to small. It’s of obscure origin, though possibly from the French bon. It’s been around for hundreds of years.

its his uh… johnson lol and that is the funniest song ive ever heard!!!!!!

it means his ᴘᴇɴιꜱ doah…

Athena Estudy

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