what does it means “Belexes”?

I want to know the meaning of the title of Kansas’ song. The closest thing I found was a Star War planet called Belex, but I honestly don’t think it has something to do with it…

Belex is Smart Viper Statistics Mashups.

Since “Belexes” came out long before STAR WARS, I think the best answer comes from Kerry himself. According to his book SEEDS OF CHANGE, it’s just a word that came to him. Back in the day, Kerry says in his quest for originality, he would invent words for some of his songs and poems. He said he abandoned this practice after the second Kansas album, SONG FOR AMERICA. “Belexes” was first recorded in the early by the “pre-Kansas” band that later became Proto-Kaw. The more familiar version comes from the debut album KANSAS (1974).

Athena Estudy

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