what is kyushu sentai danjija?

Ive seen plenty of fanart and what not but Im not sure if it is an anime or a manga and I was curious to find out, could someone post a link to whatever it is?

Or Kyuushuu Assault Squad Danjijaa.
Or if you want the intended title, it’s “Kyushu Sentai Danjiger”

It appears to be a group of characters made up for the purpose of selling supplies for the company Coade (コアデ) (stands for Comic Anime Design.) So, affiliated anime stores..

Kyushu is a province in Japan.

“Sentai” is a phrase most commonly referenced to the Super Sentai Series (Power Rangers if you’ve heard of it.) Since so many colors are used, they’re often parodied for various reasons. It literally means “Assault Squad.”

No idea what Danjiger is a reference to or if it’s an original sound (it’s written in foreign characters.)
It could be “Danziger” (Ji sounds similar to Zi in Japanese) or it could be an incorrect way of spelling something else (it’s their official way to spell it, but that doesn’t mean it’s correct depending on their intention.)

Source(s): http://www.coade-net.co.jp/danjiger/

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