what should wheel bearing seals be checked for?

Leaking grease or cracks.

Source(s): gu500

It literally says it in the CDL manual book page 22 section 2 driving safely Right Rear the 5th check mark says: wheel bearing/seals not leaking

The is the same, exact, question that comes out of Commercial Driver License Manual. It does not mention ‘wheel bearing seals’ in the section where the question is asked. So I have the same question.

seals should be checked for leaks or cracks, as long as thier holding the grease they should be ok

What br549 said!
Replace them and make sure you grease them properly.

Answer 6

Leaks. And dirt.

Answer 7

Britleness, and cracks.

They are cheap. Don’t bother checking them, just replace them.

Athena Estudy

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